Work Your Light Oracle

Work Your Light Oracle


Work your Light là bộ bài Oracle màu hồng sáng khá độc đáo được sáng tác bởi Rebecca Campbell và họa sĩ Danielle Noel, đồng tác giả Starchild TarotMoonchild Tarot. Sản phẩm bao gồm sách hướng dẫn và 44 lá bài được chia làm 5 bộ nhỏ hơn bên trong: Confirmation, Inquiry, Action, Activation và Transmission với những ý nghĩa riêng biệt. Work Your Light Oracle giúp bạn kết nối với trực giác của bản thân cũng như tăng cường mối quan hệ của mỗi người với tâm hồn và nguồn gốc của mọi thứ xung quanh.

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Are you ready to Work Your Light Oracle? This beautiful 44-card oracle deck has been created to help you light up the world with your presence. By working with its five suits and connecting with your intuition, you will be able to start living a life in alignment with who you truly are.

– Confirmation cards give a quick hit of instant guidance.

– Inquiry cards help you tune in to the whispers of your soul.

– Action cards guide you on what action to take.

– Activation cards invoke healing within you.

– Transmission cards connect you with supportive energies.

The accompanying guidebook explains how to use the Work Your Light Oracle to deepen your relationship with your soul and the Source of all things. It contains in-depth meanings for each of the 44 cards, and reveals how to attune your cards, activate soul space before starting work, create different card spreads, and give readings for other people. When you work with the cards, you will find that your intuition increases, your soul’s voice gets louder, and you are able to deeply embrace who you are and the work you came here to do.


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